Festive Studio – Personalised Christmas Video

Come and be transported on a magical tour of the North Pole and Santa’s workshop in this personalised Christmas video, produced for Festive Studio.

Directed by Jake Barrett

Producer: Steve Price

DOP: Tom Martin

AC: Sam Rutter

Production Coordinator: Georgia Neath

Gaffer: Sebastian Kudanowski

Set Designer: Gabriel Mossa

Make-Up: Kiera O’Brien & Olivia Smith

Editor: Sam Rutter Audio Mix: Chris Atkins


B-Team DOP: Dan Hilltout

AC: Luke Tapley

Photography: Paul Painter



Santa Claus: Melvyn Rawlinson

Santa’s Voice: Guy Harris

Mrs Claus: Tracey Lushington

Elf Bernard: Rikki Stone

Elf Ivy: Naomi Colette Huggins

Elf Holly: Jaada Lawrence

Elf Sparkle: Jodie Regan


Special thanks to

The Priory, Hitchin

UK Film Location

Event Prop Hire

Colwich Abbey

Warner Group Publications

Creating the Impossible


A Barrett Film Co production. In collaboration with Festive Studio.

See more about Festive Studio at https://festivestudio.co.uk